Graykite launches Canmore Kitesnowboarding School
Graykite Canmore Snowkiting School

When winter comes many of us choose to abandon the wet water and play on the frozen stuff instead.

Banff National Park

We still strap ourselves to kite and board but it’s probably a foil kite and snowboard rather than an LEI and kiteboard and we ride slopes instead of waves.

If you want to learn how to join in the fun then come and visit Graykite’s kite snowboarding school in Canmore.

Graykite Canmore | Kitesnowboarding School

Alberta is Canada’s winter sports mecca. There are full blown resorts like Lake Louise and Banff where every need is catered for.

Banff National Park

Canmore is their fun little brother. Think Prince Harry to Prince William. Still full on proper, but a lot more fun.It;s an amazing place with all the training facilities from the Winter Olympics are nearby. Spray Lakes provides a beautiful flat frozen surface to learn new skills and practice your tricks, and the locals are still genuinely friendly.

Graykite Canmore | Kitesnowboarding School

That’s why Gilles Boudreau, our snowkiting guru, makes this great little town his home, and his training centre for the Red Bull kite snowboarding series.

Graykite Canmore | Kitesnowboarding School

Canmore is not a big tourist destination where every shekel will be ripped from your paw, it’s a fun town that is dedicated to helping you enjoy everything the awe-inspiring Canadian Rockies have to offer. Rock climbing, snowshoeing, skiing, bobsledding, snow mobiling, skidoos, bears, snow (obvs) and, most importantly to us, snow kiting

.Graykite Canmore | Kitesnowboarding School

When we say kite snowboarding, we don’t mean just that. If you’re happier with independent feet we are happy to teach you how to kite ski. It’s kind of the same but different, so just go with what you prefer. Gilles is equally at home with both so you’ll get an amazing experience whichever you choose to learn.

Graykite Canmore | Kitesnowboarding School

So there it is. We’re on snow as well as water now. In Canada as well as Spain, Canmore as well as Tarifa. So if you want to learn to snowkite or improve your snowkiting skills come and see us in Canmore.


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After 14 years of full time teaching, our school owner and hands on team leader Gray Robinson has developed a new, improved and dynamic teaching methodology and course curriculum to teach you Freestyle kitesurfing.


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