Meet The Team

The Graykite Tarifa team has some of the most experienced and passionate instructors anywhere in the world. All our kitesurfing instructors are IKO qualified. Team leader Gray Robinson has used his years of experience to pull together a team of champions to get you up on your board and riding. They’ll even help you relax afterwards.

Team Leader

Gray Robinson

Graykite Tarifa Team - Gray Robinson

After 14 years of full time teaching, our school owner and hands on team leader Gray Robinson has developed a new, improved and dynamic teaching methodology and course curriculum to teach you Freestyle kitesurfing.

Gray has personally taught over 4,000 men, women, girls and boys to kitesurf. His pupils have ranged from 6 years of age to 79 years young; some being the larger than small type people, and some being the smaller than large ones, including very fit and getting fitter individuals.

As well as being a very experienced instructor who has run and built kite schools in 8 countries, Gray knows down to the most detailed reasons what to do to ensure your success in learning the sport of kitesurfing. If that’s not enough, Gray’s also a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, a PADI scuba instructor, fitness instructor and first aid medic instructor



Tom is a kitesurfing world traveler having first taught in Tarifa 6 years ago and he hasn’t stopped looking for the kite vibes since. Five countries later he is back in Tarifa to give you that same awesome stoke that will change your life..


Graykite Tarifa Team - Miguel

Miguel brings to kitesurfing and to Graykite the passion that’s the glue that keeps people loving the sport for the love of the sport. With 5 years’ experience and a positive affirmation approach, you are sure to progress with many laughs and a smile on your face.


Graykite Tarifa Team - Vado

Vado is our very own Beast from the East. He’s an IKO qualified instructor with 4 years of teaching experience and is fluent in English, Spanish and Russian. Vado’s favourite kite spots are Tarifa (natch), Goa and Cayo Guillermo. Catch a lesson while he’s in Europe – you won’t regret it.